April 30, 2005

Air France Delegates have arrived!

Delegates flying on Air France have arrived in Cairo! Welcome!


Anonymous said...

Hello to Piya, Barb, and other Peace Camp delegates:
Glad to hear everyone is safe. Have a wonderful time promoting peace through understanding! Best of luck!
Kaitlin Irvine

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a safe trip Marth! Have a great time, I hope to hear from you soon!
Chelsea Truesdell

pwp0001@aol.com said...

So glad to hear you arrived safely!Everyone around here is excited and anxious to hear of your experiences!! Peggy Parolin

simi said...

Hi Salina,Barb & Steve O;
Greetings from NJ.
We love the blog site,as we travel Egypt with you all.
Stay Safe and have loads of Fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello to Marie from Hattiesburg and to the rest of the delegates. Enjoy your journey and new friendships.
Poppy & Gee

Roy Hanna said...
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Roy Hanna said...

Hey Martha! We missed you at church today! I hope you're having fun in Egypt!

Anonymous said...

hello peace deligates!
happy hunting in the market!
lets see photos
if can you download :)
~ralph, op/kansas

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm glad you guys got there safe and that you're having a good time. Keep us updated on news and events! It would be cool if you put a picture on here. Have a great time on the Nile and at the marketplace! Andrew, keep that video camera rolling! (c:
Elizabeth Trites

Anonymous said...

Hipe your enjoying your trip! We already miss you- Stay safe and if you here about anyone who's name is Stephanos... ask if he knows my dad haha jk jk! Don't forget to grab a stone! Love you and hope you hear from you soon*
**Jena Coutlakis

Anonymous said...

Hello Marie and other Peace Camp delegates - Have a wonderful adventure with all your new found friends.
Jan, Kathy, Mabel and Ikey

Anonymous said...

Hey Mart! I hope you're ride there was good, and I hope you're having a great time! I miss ya...have sooo much fun!! Love ya tons!

simi bakshi said...

Hi to all the delegates and their wonderfully remarkable leaders. It has been amazing following your travels. I can't wait to log on each night. I do look forward to some pictures though-it would be great if you could add that on too!
We love and miss you Salina. Have loads and loads of fun.