April 9, 2005

Messages from 2003 Peace Campers

"Friends, that for some reason which I still can't understand, become so close to you in a matter of days that you feel that a part of you is missing when you leave them behind… I still don't know what made this trip unforgettable. I don't know why out of all the many groups I have met in the past this group has stuck to my memory and heart."
Maya, Israel

"We have been seeing one side of the building for all our lives never assuming that there might be another side. Peace Camp made me stroll around that building in circles day and night observing the different sides and the different colors reflected on each side."
Ivana, Croatian citizen living in the United Arab Emirates

"Right now I'm worrying about college acceptance letters but I realize an acceptance letter from my dream school could never be as life changing as the day I received my Peace Camp acceptance letter over a year ago."
Kevin, Texas, USA

"The day you arrive at the airport to leave for Peace Camp is the last day of your life of innocence… Peace Camp goes on inside you, a part of you, large or small, is ALWAYS at Peace Camp."
Bridget, New York, USA

"The one thing that made the largest impact on me was seeing people from opposing nations get along. I saw people from Israel and Palestine shake hands and exchange email addresses. I saw people from Jordan, Egypt, and Yemen get along with people from the USA."
Alan, Pennsylvania, USA

"Peace Camp is an unforgettable experience in my life. People I met there, became my best friends. Getting the letter of acceptance, made one of my happiest day in my life and then I had 10 more days like that, in Egypt. It's difficult to say what I have overlived during the trip. I wish everyone could touch this experience which seems to be a beautiful dream".
Armando, Tirana, Albania

"My childhood dream was to visit Egypt to see the pyramids, a Wonder of the Ancient World. But once I arrived in the Cradle of Civilization I had a new dream. My dream was to help build 60 new pyramids. For the students who attended Peace Camp are the new pyramids, Wonders of the Modern World. And who said the pyramids could never be moved? These 'pyramids' are being moved to nations all around the globe."
Barb, Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY, USA
Delegation Leader, Peace Camp

"Peace Camp was easily the most phenomenal experience of my life. A year and a half later the trip still affects my daily view of the world around me and it has changed what I want to do with my life. Peace Camp was my first visit to the Middle East, my first time setting foot in Africa and in the climate of today's world, this could not have been more important. As an American I was able to share my culture with delegates from around the world and they in turn could share theirs with me. Is there anything more simple, yet more vital?"
Piya, New Jersey, USA

"Everyone told me that it would be a trip of a life time, but before attending the Peace Camp 2003 I wasn’t sure of that!! But during and after the camp I felt that I was another person. After you attend the Peace Camp & return back to your home, you will be changed to the better! Something from inside you will make you change, something will happen & until now I really don’t know what it is... maybe its Peace through Understanding."
Mickey, Cairo, Egypt


Anonymous said...

I was not accepted into the 2005 Peace Camp but I am so happy for the people who did! Make the most of it, take as many chances as you can! I heard about the bombing in Khan-El-Khalili and I wish everyone has a very safe journey and all goes as planned. Remember what you are there for, and I hope this memory lives forever in your minds. Have a great time, Peace Campers, I wish I was with you!
-Kelly Thomas

Anonymous said...

Peace Camp Rules.
Have a great session.
Your friends from San Francisco... Mike , Karen and Jolyan Herman

Sue Erman said...

Have a great time. I will following your progress and your thoughts/ feelings. Sue Erman in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Hello! Enjoy your time in Egypt! I will be following your journey!
From a 2003 Peace Camper, Megan in South Africa!

Anonymous said...

hey peacecampers, it's Mohammad el-Majid (peacecamper 2003), wish u all a great time, enjoy these days cuz u'll really miss them,believe me, b careful, and make the best of it.

Anonymous said...

Marth, We all miss you so much here! I always like to write to you in keyboarding because I have nothing else to do! I hope all is well, and you better be roaming because i haven't gotten a call! Well i love you so much and I can't wait for you to come home!
Love, Emily