May 7, 2005

May 5, 2005

Today was the most passionate and touching day of the trip. It was the holocaust for the Isreali Jews. We changed our schedule in order to learn about the Holocaust Memorial Day, share the mourning with the two Israelis and discuss the holocaust and genocide in general. Everyone was touched and deeply moved, all summed up in a moment of silence followed by an emotional group hug. We all were able to turn such a sad day into an emotional learning experience. Brandon, Bethesda, Maryland


Loree Allen said...

Hey Brandon,
Thank you for your report and thoughts about sharing information, emotion and critical thinking on the issue of genocide and the Holocaust. Sometimes you just have to stop everything to learn something important about yourself. I am so glad you and the delegates are being challenged to consider all aspects of being agents of peace, and I can't wait to talk to you about it! Love always, Mom

Kim said...

Hi Bran:
Thanks for the call yesterday--made my day to know you and Rick are having a fantastic time! Can't wait to have the chance to discuss your trip in more detail. I'm reading a book on Martha Gellhorn, am amazing war reporter who was definately an icon in her time. Coincidentally the pages I read yesterday were about her experiences during the liberation of Dachau and the formation of Israel. Sometimes I worry we've learned nothing from the horrors of the Holocaust, so I was moved to hear that, for your group at least, those memories will have meaning. Hugs from the Hacks, K