December 9, 2007

Day Two – “Day of Dreams Come True”

Dr. Zahi Hawas

When we woke up this morning, none of us could imagine how extraordinary this day would turn out to be. After the already “usual” breakfast at the Night and Day Cafe we listened to a lecture that was given by the best Egyptologist in the world, Dr. Zahi Hawas. For many of us this was the first dream to come true, meeting a person who does great service to his country every day and who is one of the greatest cultural ambassador a country could have.

Time flied fast and before we knew it we were on the bus to visit Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. Beneath the blazing sun we saw our first sphinx for the day, made of alabaster. Then we went to Sakkara, where we visited the world’s first freestanding stone structure, the pyramid of King Zoser. This pyramid was built by Imhotep, who is considered to be the first architect in the world!

At SaKkara Pyramids

Today’s lunch was a special variety of dishes from India and Pakistan, at the Oberoi Mena House Hotel, which is situated in the proximity of the Great Pyramids. As usual we sat down with different people, we chatted, we laughed – to make a story short: we had a great time together!

But the truly fantastic part of the day began right after lunch. The three Great Pyramids built on the Giza Plateau revealed their beauty to us, making our childhood dreams come true. Both our human and electronic eyes were searching, exploring and memorizing the wonderful view, the sights to remember for a lifetime.

The media and the camel riding law enforcement were there and they followed us when we started our Peace walk. We walked from a plateau to the Pyramids, all wearing white People to People T-shirts and carrying the “Peace through Understanding” message in our hearts and in our minds. While we were walking, we were all amazed by the ancient wonders in front of us, their greatness and beauty. The words describing the experience I got when making a quick survey were “amazing” and “pretty unbelievable”. Our last stop was the Sphinx, which looks like a guardian of the Pharaohs’ tombs.

We have to go to sleep very quickly tonight, because we’re having an early start tomorrow. There are still many “wonderful things” to see…

Flavia - Romania

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