March 27, 2009

Day One: March 27, 2009

“'Shall I check your luggage all the way through to Jordan?', the woman at the Lufthansa counter asked. I had to smile. Somehow I expected her to look at my ticket and laugh at me, send me home, tell me that the Peace Camp was just an illusion, a beautiful, naive dream I had. This program sounded so unbelievable. But the woman just asked for checking the luggage. And I answered: ‘Yes! All the way to Amman, please.’ And now I am sitting here, in the lobby of the Le Meridien in the Jordan capital, together with 47 other Peace Campers from 28 countries from all around the world. The great adventure has begun. And it still seems like a dream.”
Friedemann Bieber, Germany
“Like Friedemann; Peace Camp seemed like a dream that was too good to be true! It wasn’t until I met with fellow delegates that it finally sunk me, this is real! We’re here in Amman, Jordan! This morning Barb told us that we are all here for a reason. We don’t know what these reasons might be but this week will be about discovery. The most instant discovery has been in how immediately we have all became friends. We come from 28 different countries but at heart we are all brothers and sisters. Today we went into the city and toured Amman. Our guide told us that the country of Jordan is an ‘Oasis of Peace’ so here we are in the oasis of peace at the beginning of an amazing journey.”
Maia Gibbons, USA
“It really is amazing we are able to learn and teach from each other, in such a fun, unique way! And as Mary Eisenhower said this morning; it is our duty for love and peace to coexist. In my own words, I can say that I feel extremely grateful for being here. This is such a magical experience. Since I arrived (at 4a.m.yesterday) I have felt like home. I really feel safe and very comfortable with all the Peace Campers and leaders. I feel like there is this connection between us that is unbreakable and undeniable but is so powerful that we can feel is so true! Today we had the chance to discover Amman, this beautiful city, full of history, art and welcoming people. The food was delicious – to be honest; it definitely became one of my favorites and it is just too exciting to think what will be happening in the next few days. It was an eye opener to meet three previous Peace Campers; Mohammad Al Majed from peace camp 2003, Mohammed Nasser El Din and Motaz Al Majed from peace camp 2005. They have spoken to us about their experience at peace camp and how it changed their lives. After all these years they keep in contact with their peace camp family. I’m sure peace through understanding is achievable and I can already feel it and we are just beginning the program.”
Andrea Arzaba, Mexico

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Kristine Knutter said...

Thank you for sharing your first impressions of Jordan and your fellow delegates! The photos are beautiful and I look forward to reading more posts!

youthblog said...

It is grate and we are not so fortune enough to be there but at this end we enjoy your work there and waiting for more news
Cheers everybody
Dmabdeniya Arunalu Chapter Srilanka

gababawonka said...

It´s so cool that you are having fun.
It´s just the best to find a need family from all around the world!
Andy I miss you girl!

Gabriela Amor