April 28, 2009

Peace Camp – The event of our life

Dear world,

This is what we want to share with you. Today is our last day in the peace camp. Time is up. We have spent ten days together. Ten great days full of joy, friendship, open talks which we never imagined before. Everybody stepped out of his comfort zone. Everybody has grown over his/herself. Everybody has changed in the most positive way. This change was not a sudden effect, it was a slowly process which has infected each of us like a virus. This infects from the first day, but don’t feel it yet. Instead with each activity you do together it grows, infecting you more and more. Until it reaches your heart and then without any warning it explodes, spreading irresistible amount of love, which no man can resist. This happened to us on the 5th day while exploring Petra. Now this love is deeply embedded in our blood. This love will flood, pulsate through our body for the rest of our life. We wouldn’t say that we have become peace makers but everybody of us will at least sprinkle a little love to everybody he/she met.

Till Rzesnik - Germany
Vadim Toader - Romania

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