May 3, 2005

“It has been a marvelous start of the day. We, the Peace Camp Group, visited a local school in Luxor named Om El Mimereen Prepatory School. Wow! It was just for girls, they were really nice. They talked to us all the way from the school gate to the yard and from their classrooms to the library. We walked together, talked together, took pictures together, and laughed together. When we left, they said “See you soon!” with sweet smiles on their faces. Then we sung our song “Salaam to You.” I came to realize that we’ve planted trees with the seeds of peace.” Zi, Beijing, China (May 3, 2005)

“I had been asked to write something for you for the blog. My name is Lionel. I’m almost 18 and I’m Israeli. This morning I woke up with a smile on my face and a feeling that today is going to be even better than yesterday, and so it was. We woke up for an amazing breakfast. We are treated so good around here, you can’t even imagine. It feels like we are kings! After breakfast we went to visit an Egyptian all-girl public school and we were welcomed with some English and Arabic songs by the music class. After being in school we went back to the amazing cruise boat for a lot of free time sitting by the pool, swimming, sun tanning and burningJ. After free time we had a speaker called Iman that talked about a group of women that fight for women’s rights, peace, and to improve the situation our world is in. After the speaker we had an activity about team work, working in/with a team and leading a team. After that we had group discussions about “How far should the government interfere in our lives?” During the day I talked with a few of the people here, mostly about me being Israeli and going into the military service in less than 6 months. It was very important to me to give my opinion and point of view and listen to other people’s opinions and points of view. People here at People to People are unbelievable. They are so amazing, some of the best people I have met. Well folks, now it’s dinner time so I’m going to eat. “Beteavon” ) (Bon Appetit in Hebrew) Until next time, keep smiling – there’s still an opportunity for peace.” Lionel, Israel

“Besides my vocabulary, mind and perception of the world experiencing an extensive expansion, my heart and soul are forever changed. I can truly contest to my innocence. My yearning to know each and every delegate in the way they want the world to see them accompanied by my new awareness of truth and real need for the “people to people” connection. I now have a greater awareness of the dangers of propaganda. I never felt safer. Je suis… jene sais quoi.” But I love you. Monique, Buffalo, New York, USA


PWP0001@AOL.COM said...

Josh, we hope you are having an exciting time! Sara said tell you she misses you.
Jake and Zach say "Hi". Dad and I love you. We are so proud of you.
You missed prom...guess you'll get your crown when you get home. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

tienes chicle?

Myriam Radia said...

Blogger contact, what a marvelous idea. A way for us at home to experience a touch of this amazing adventure. When I read the different stories, I know that the effectiveness of People to People is at work. In just few days already the seeds of peace and uderstanding are taking firm root and hope has turned into reality for many of you. So bring home the magic of this trip and spread it like wildfire.
On a personal note, Piya I miss you. I know you are capturing every moment of this trip. Love you. Enjoy!
Myriam Radia

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank the delegates who are describing their experiences, feelings and observations so beautifully for us at home. It gives us a real connection to what you're doing and we appreciate the updates more than you can imagine. Keep up the great work!

Stoyka said...

Hi to everyone from Bulgaria.We hope you are having an exciting time!
Wishing you all the best till the end of the Peace camp. Keep up the great work!
PTPI Chapter Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Tim's Mom said...

Tim, call and let me know how you're doing. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Piya!

Didn't have time to read it all (bed time for old folks!) but it sounds like you campers are having a great time. Peaceful yes, though I doubt much "peace & quiet"!

Wasn't too peaceful here either--three calls on Friday night, the 2AM one, worthy of a "mini flashlight." Also, I have a NEAT surprise for you from Melike!

Are you getting any first responding in? Are you bringing me a souvenir bag from the plane? (Unused, please!)

Keep safe!
Sin Pare!
Jeanette (and my John & Mr. C, Muni & Cecil)

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura (Atkinson)

It's Mum. Hope everything is fine.
Hope to hear from you soon. Have you remembered your malaria tablets?

Lots of love
Mum and all xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Monika... :))
kaip tau sekasi?? :) girdejau nosyte nudegei, ane?? :D nu o kaip tavo albanas ir jordanietis gyvena, a? xixixi :D

Anonymous said...

Tim. What a great time you must be having! We are all thing about you. Did you read about that mummy that was just found in the Saqqara Pyramids Complex? (don't forget to call you Mom!)
Love, Aunt Sally