May 3, 2005


Today we had a fantastic time in Luxor. It was a busy day filled with the wonders of the Ancient Egyptian world as well as some true bonding and reflection time. Below are student reactions to the day.

"It was so wonderful time that I haven't ever experienced before. Every student looks so nice. Although we come from other countries, we have lots of common things. This is a chance not only to understand Egyptian culture, but also to share our opinions. The temple and sculptures we saw today were beautiful! I love Egypt Peace Camp but I miss my mother's food. I hope to learn a lot of things from Peace Camp." Joo, South Korea

"Thoughts for my dear ones, thoughts for THE world! Peace Camp 2005 is a second step to what we have as a goal: Peace Through Understanding. Dear friends, do you know what I learned today? That we have too many qualities and good aspects but in the same time we have a very big aggressive aspect- we have the habit of destroying what our predecessor created. Isn't that a loss of HISTORY? During the visit today the sun smiled a lot to the point that we were all fried, but the breathtaking images and landscapes are WOW! Hatshepsut, Ramses, the obelisc... I am in the moment of digesting my memories so you will definitely hear about me! Have a peaceful day!" Gina, Roman, Romania

"Today after an early arrival in Luxor, we immediately headed to the Valley of the King. Its simple beauty showed just how much panoramic imaging is lost through film or video. The temple of Hatshepsut was carved out of the mountain and looks like a modern building, but one built 3,000 years ago! The temple of Luxor had the same impact. The cruise is also exposing the beauty of the Nile. Egypt is truly the Jewel of the Nile."
Michael, Modesto, California, USA

"Yesterday never ended so I just found myself in the second day of the Peace Camp. This day was great I enjoyed every moment and every second of it. We traveled by plane to Luxor and the landing of the plane was amazing. Then we just went to the historical places were I gained so much information. Then we went to the cruise ship, where I was so happy because I knew Zi from China, who is my roommate. He is great! The whole trip just made my thoughts spread in the air like a bird who just gained his freedom back. Thanks Barb for this amazing experience." Motaz, Amman, Jordan


Stoyka said...

Polia, we hope you are having an exciting time! We miss you.
Zina say "Hi".
With love from Plovdiv,

Anonymous said...

Dear Delegates we see you are having an exciting time. Reading your comments we see that all of you are kind and friendly to eatch other. Wish you to discover more cultural aspects from Egyptians and your friends who all came from diferent continents of the world. Wish to spread peace, love and harmony. Also we would like to get more pictures to know yoyr adventures in other wishes from Monika's family.Lithuania.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gina
I can appreciate the awesome impressions which need some time to digest and to fully reflect on. But I trust you all have not been "fried too much" !! Continue to have a great time in this multi cultural group of very positive young and older people which will enrich all your lives so tremendously for ever. All the very best and foremost do keep smiling ! Ernst from Bern-Switzerland