May 1, 2005

May 1, 2005

My homeland, Egypt, never ceases to amaze me. In the Egyptian Museum, we got to unravel the mystery of King Tut. Today, I found out more than I ever knew about my ancestors. Their intelligence, creativity and beliefs are extraordinary. Such moments really make to pursue learning about my history, and in all histories as a fact. During dinner, we marveled at the talent of a Russian belly dancer. She knew all the right moves which made me proud of being Egyptian to see others pursue such an interest in my culture. I even taught all the girls how to belly dance, and even got the guys moving! I was very proud of everyone and I'm planning to keep teaching you all more about my culture past belly dancing. From the 'famous Egyptian belly dancer', Pensee, Cairo, Egypt.


Dina Shoeib said...

I wish you all a safe and peaceful trip. Enjoy the company of each other and cease the opportunity to know other cultures, other ways of thinking and other ways of life. At the end you might discover that although languages may differ, hair color, skin color, education and many superficial aspect of life but deep down everyone feeling and humanity never change. Feelings of love, sympathy, compassion are the same in every heart from east to west.
Dina Shoeib (parent of delegate 4)

Ehab Afify said...

When you were a small cute little girl you were so quiet and peaceful, when a teenager we barely complained about you like some other parents do facing the teenage troubles of their children. We always wondered why people complain about their teens. You were always cheerful, mature, responsible, dependable and having a lot of friends from all over the world. No wonder you are on a peace camp today! And I'll not be surprised to see you continue your peace path in the future. Your cheerful attitude made you today getting everyone to dance! I'm proud of you and I'll always be. God bless you.
Ehab Afify (parent of delegate 4)

Amen Afify said...

Hi sister. I miss you a lot. Have Fun.

Anonymous said...

Hello, well Mrs. Dina Shoeib and Mr.Ehab Afify after reading your comments i figured out that your penny's parents. i just had to tell you that you have a beautiful young educated talented daughter. People around her always have a smile on their face from her outstanding sociable preformance. i can see your daughter growing up one day to be a powerful leader and to make a change in this world to the right. Penny has the potential to achieve everyones prayers which are peace, joy and happiness for this world, cause penny is all about peace,happiness and love. Im really happy that penny is part of our peace camp and how much i wish she was with us in all our peace camps around the world to really understand the meaning of peace. within one day penny was able to unite us all as if it was a highschool reunion. if this is for the whole world to read then then id really advice you to give penny the chance to express her opinions and feelings. i just simply wish your daughter the best.
Goodluck Penny and then again it was a pleasure having you with us in our camp.