May 1, 2005

May 1, 2005

Hello everyone. Our first day in Egypt and what a day! Cairo is a gorgeous city with charming people. In the morning, we were welcomed by Mary Eisenhower and listened to an insightful speech by Dr. Ahmed Tibi about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This highlighted the importance of what we're doing and was an excellent way to kick off the trip. Next we were guided through King Tut Ankh Amun's treasures. We were all wide-eyed in wonder as one of our Egyptologists recounted history. My first day in Egypt has left a very favorable impression. In all honestly, I've been swept off my feet. Above all it has been very amazing meeting all the different students! And to think its only just begun! We ended with a bang at night. We had a police escort to the Pharoahs restaurant where Egyptian musicians waited for us playing live music. We were even entertained by Egyptian dancers. Some of us even braved dancing ourselves! Tons of love, Rose, Ottawa, Canada.

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cousins said...

Hi Rose,

Glad to hear that your first hours were so great. Enjoy it all Rose...we are thinking of you (and looking up Cairo on the wall map daily). Hope you have a wonderful experience.

Much love: Mark, Janice, Jake, Olivia & Isabella xxoo