May 10, 2005

May 7, 2005

Dr. Zahi Hawas

At the start of this morning we were addressed by Dr. Zahi Hawas. In his speech and slide show he gave us a small taste of what was to come this afternoon. Before lunch we visited the special Olympics where many of the students are handicapped but despite this they do carpet weaving, candle making and knitting. We were shown around the school and treated with wonderful hospitality. We then saw what Egypt is most famous for! To stand at the bottom of the Great Pyramid and gaze up at its enormous spenders was, put simply, amazing ! We, as peace camp delegates received special admission by Dr. Zahi to go right in to the fenced area around the sphinx. No pictures or postcards can compare to the real deal! Dr. Zahi Hawas spoke of his most current findings of the old Egyptian worker tombs & he kindly allowed the youth to visit where no tourists were allowed to this new site. This has been the most incredible day. Overall, camp has been something that cannot be expressed in words, only if you have experienced what I have will you truly understand the impact this has on the individual. I have made friends with people from 21 countries around the world and nothing can compare or replace this opportunity! Love & Peace to you all from Laura, South Africa

I can't describe how wonderful was today. First we had a speaker, Dr. Zahi Hawas, secretary general of the supreme council of antiques ties, that told us about his work. So, we went to see the pyramids and the Sphinx. It was amazing! To finish our day we went to an Egyptian house and had dinner there. Peace Camp is great! Kisses for all, Jaqueline, Brazil.

Today was the first day that many of us began to realize that peace camp 2005 is drawing to a close. This has been and continues to be, a truly unique and amazing experience. Today alone we met Dr. Zahi Hawas, the world famous Egyptologist, visited the pyramids of Giza and ate dinner with an Egyptian family. One of the most meaningful parts of the day was our visit to Misr Language School, which teaches children of all ages in English, French & Arabic. The School also specializes in teaching both mentally and physically challenged children. These students use their artistic skills to create intricate works of art, including rugs, candles and poetry that are then sold to help finance the school. I was very glad and admittedly surprised to see how much individual attention the teachers provided to their students with special needs. There is also a physical center which works towards correcting physical handicaps. Now only was I impressed with the special education aspect of the school but also with the performances of the regular education students. They even performed a skit about promoting Peace and conflict resolution! Believe that if more schools excited like this around the world, we would be closer to achieving peace through Understanding. Seeing the pyramids and the Sphinx was absolutely inspiring. All my life I have seen the photographs of the pyramids in text books and on post cards but to see them in person was indescribable. What made the experience even more wonderful was the fact that I was not only seeing the Pyramids but I was seeing them with 52 friends I have made from around the world. Ginger, USA

The 7th of May was one of the best days I ever spent, one of my dreams came true. I always wanted to meet the great famous Egyptologist, Dr. Zahi Hawas. Dr. Hawas was a great a speaker he made me appreciate more the Egyptian Paranoiac history and learned a lot. Dr. Hawas gave us a brief lecture about how they find the tombs and how they transfer it and preserve it in airtight glass boxes. It was very kind of him to give us a special treat to go around the sphinx which no one is allowed to go there. After we went to a special place my school that I was so excited to show every one. When we arrived at the school the principle and her colleges greeted and welcomed us graciously. One of the stuff members took us on a guided tour to all different divisions of the school. I was so proud to show my 52 friends that in Egypt and in my school we care very much for the children with special needs. After that we went to the theater where some of the students had prepared a wonderful show. Included in the show was very nice song about peace after the show ended we went to have a traditional Egyptian lunch. I was so proud of what the school offered to People to People Delegates and I hope all of you enjoyed the day at my school as much as I enjoyed it.
After a long morning we still had a lot to do we had to go to the pyramids but the weather was very hot but still we went and we all enjoyed the beautiful view and we saw the sphinx. Although the pyramids and sphinx are here in my country and I can go any time but this time was so special because I went with you guys. Still the day didn’t end we were invited to one of the Egyptian families house we all dressed out and went to a beautiful house where they welcomed us and they served a delicious food. Overall the camp was great it was one of the best experience I have ever had its enough to me if I want to travel any place in the world I could find a friend. Luv u all and thanx a lot. Amina, Cairo, Egypt.

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Laura-I knew you would have an awesome and life changing experience! :) Love Meg