May 10, 2005

May 8, 2005

QaitBay Fort In Alexandria

As the end of the Peace Camp approaches, we are starting to realize how deeply it has affected us and what it how means to us. We came in on the first day expecting to take a luxurious tour around Egypt but are leaving with much more thank that. Not only have we learned about several different cultures but also have grown so close that we'll miss each other terribly. Today, between the roman amputates, Pizza Hut, the deep emotional session and the fancy dinner at QaitBay fort, all we could think about was post camp life away from each other. No more stupid jokes and endless laughs together, but rather a longing for each other. However, we also how that every good thing has an end and regret is a bad thing and thus, we chose to look at this situation positively we have met, clicked and became very good friends all while learning a lot and enjoying the wonderful country of Egypt! We are going back home with dozens of amazing memories that will be engraved in our minds & hearts forever. On behalf of ourselves and all the students at the Peace Camp; thank you People to People for providing us with such a magic experience. Alia, Morocco & Patricia, USA

Assalom Aleykum(Hello in Uzbekistan) Blogs readers!!!
It so nice, to get in touch with you. I would like to share with my thoughts and experience what I obtained during this incredible day. So the beginning sounds like that, I got up at 6 o’clock in the morning with passionate feeling to explore all other parts of Egypt as usual.
You know, that when you are in the most ancient country “cradle of civilization” of the world you are looking forward to knowing everything from weaving carpets to building the pyramids.
By 7 o’clock we had a delicious breakfast and packed all our stuff to leave the Cairo.
The next city which we were going to visit was the fabulous city called Alexandria. It took two hours from Cairo to get to Alexandria. During this term I had enjoyable time of speaking with faithful friends from different countries as Bulgaria, Albania, US, Brazil etc.
By 11.30 we arrived in Alexandria (Called after Alexander the Great) railway station. Later we got on the bus and our favourite guide Ahmed started to entertain us with variety of jokes and tricks. Soon we arrived in catacombs of Kom El –Shugafe the largest burial side discovered in Egypt to date, consisting of three tiers of tombs and chambers cut into the bedrock to a depth of about 35 meters. Constructed in the 2nd century A.D. as a single-family crypt, these tombs represented the last existing major construction for the sake of the old Egyptian religion. Our next destination was the marvelous white Amphitheater. Roman Amphitheater has been considered as the only Roman amphitheater in Egypt and has been discovered quite recently. As we reached this Amphitheater we took amazing group pictures and were impressed by the greatest Greco-Roman style. The most interesting experience of the day was however communicating with people I will never forget the wonderful singing of American delegate “Andrew”. It was especially impressive to listen to American songs among ancient Egyptian ruins. It was a fascinating interaction of different times and cultures.
As the crown of the day, was a Farewell dinner which took place at Qayt Bait Fort. I heard before of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World and to see one of them, Alexandria’s Ancient lighthouse was really great and fantastic!
In brilliant speeches during the dinner was sounded the necessity and importance of this Peace Camp in the cause of keeping Peace all over the world. The atmosphere of the festivity was so friendly and bright I’ll never forget picturesque costumes, fiery dances and incredibly beautiful smiling faces of my friends. Having found new friends all over the world was the most magic experience for me.
Coming back to the impressions of the day I can’t help mentioning Pizza Hut where we arranged the imitation of celebration American’s Mother’s Day. It was so fun and at the same time was one more experience of understanding different cultures and traditions.
The Peace Camp session was very touching and emotional on this day. Holding hands of my friends I both felt deepest sadness of the farewell and the thankfulness for sharing these magical 10 days with them.
The Web activity reinforced these feelings and made us even close to each other. I feel even if I leave the land of pharaohs the part of my heart will remain here forever.
Realizing the world peace I arrived at the idea that it is a moving force making us stick together what gives us more than we expected to receive and something what incites us to higher purposes. We need to make effort to make and work to keep . World peace is a dear thing; it is indeed a form of love.
I am sincerely grateful to Mrs. Marry Jean Eisenhower and her Excellency Mrs. Suzanne Mubarek for their dedication toward the world peace and the future of youth generation. I would like to express my gratitude to everybody who assisted this program and made it unforgettable. Leo, Uzbekistan.

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