March 30, 2009

Pictures of March 28, 2009

Gustavo Orozco giving a cultural presentation about his home country, Colombia

All the Peace Campers with His Royal Highness Prince Ghazi Bin Mohammed and Her Highness Princess Areej Ghazi
Andrea Arzaba giving a Mexican gift to Prince Ghazi and Mary Eisenhower
Peace Camp Delegation Leaders

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gababawonka said...

Great pictures!
Delegation leaders, you look so elegant, I miss you so much! =(
Andy! What did you bring to Prince Ghazi and Mary Eisenhower?
You look lovely in the photo!
Miss you honey!

Sam said...

Jessa! I hope you're having a WONDERFUL time!! I can't wait to see more pictures! Hope to hear some of your stories when you're back. ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!

Mohammad said...

Hello, all wish you good days, Hey Sarah I'm Moody, I could recognize you in the pic, hope you are fine and enjoying your time