March 30, 2009

March 29, 2009 - Visiting Kerak and arriving at Petra

It feels like we arrived yesterday but it is our third day. It seems that great time passes very quickly. We started the morning with a workshop by Professor Steven Youngblood that focused about “Peace Journalism” He helped us understand different approaches a journalist can take when working on a subject and choosing the best story to give a voice to peace. This is accomplished by rejecting bias & opinion and choosing factual representation of facts & loyalty to truth beyond anything else. Ahead of us was a long bus drive to our next hotel. A stop at the castle Kerak gave us a beautiful scenic view of the Jordanian landscape and the Dead Sea in the distance. During our tour we explored many parts of the castle including a kitchen, dining room, and prison. The small rooms were very dark lit only by small circular openings in the roof creating rays of light. The unique lighting created interesting effects and many memorable photos. The windy weather did not stop us from seeing all of Kerak and buying souvenirs before we continued our journey. The long hours of our bus ride were unexpectedly short. Within the first 30 minutes we were having a wonderful live concert hosted by every peace camper. Each one presented a song in their native language sharing their culture with everyone else. Inspired by the singing, several campers continued the experience by singing well known pop music from around the world that brought many of us to tears from laughter. Before we knew it we arrived in Petra, the Holy Land of Moses. Afterwards, we spent the rest of the night learning about our fellow peace campers by conducting cultural presentations with amazing amount of information as well as campers’ native food and clothes.

Katarina Kohen – Serbia
Madeline Fumi - USA
David Coons - USA

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