April 30, 2005

Egyptian Minister of Tourism Meets with PTPI Delegates

Egyptian Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al Maghrati met with PTPI delegates tonight in an informal briefing about the situation which took place today in Cairo and which has been reported on the international news networks.

Here's what he told us --

The Cairo police have been looking for the accomplice of the bombing incident which took place in the crowded marketplace since it happened about two weeks ago. His picture has been posted in the local newspapers, on the television and elsewhere. Today, the police were closing in on him and instead of being captured, decided to jump off the bridge with a bomb in hand....this is when the explosion occurred. Distraught upon hearing the news, his sister and fiance one hour later starting shooting at a bus and then turned the gun on themselves. The Minister said he believes this is "the final chapter of an incident two weeks ago ...it was a loose gun that has been apprehended." The Arab press is reporting the incident in this manner.

In addition to personally introducing himself to every delegate who walked in the room, the Minister offered to take a group of delegates and walk to the famed Egyptian Museum and give them a walking guide -- a rare and unique opportunity for any tourist. Many of our delegates took him up on the offer.

PTPI offers thanks to the Minister for personally coming to discuss this incident with our group -- especially during what must be an extremely stressful time. Our thanks also to Amr Badr and the A&K group for arranging this meeting.


Anonymous said...

Martha Hanna, et al:
Glad you are in Cairo! We are relieved the incident is resolving. Have a great time and stay safe, we love you.
M.D.and R.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that everyone from Peace Camp 2005 is alright. In the past couple hours, there have been quite a few e-mails amongst the 2003 group expressing concern, but its a relief to see you are all ok. I hope the rest of the Peace Camp goes very smoothly.

-Rich M.

Rick Allen said...

Brandon: Glad you arrived! Give us a call please.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
Enjoy Egypt for us. Heather says that she loves Anubis!

Anonymous said...

Martha Hanna-
We are constantly thinking about you!* Hope you are enjoying your triP!* Can't wait for your tan lines and we hope you hear from you soon!
Jena Coutlakis

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Thanks God, nothing bad happened to our peace campers.I am following what's been happened, actually I was sure nothing could ever happen to you.Egyptian government is protecting you with their everything, as they protected us in 2003.So, nothing to worry about,that's what I believe.Hope you are enjoying your time and experience there!My prayers are with you.Barb! I miss you so much,I want to hear your voice when you get back=) Love you all.
GOKCE Piskin